Jim Servis

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1978 “Brigadoon,” Scottsdale Community Players. Director: Kyle Lawson. Choreographer: Lesley Collis. Music Director: Joshua Missal. Cast: Richard Fink, Marlene Saens, Paty Lombard, Jerry Hansen, Noel Irick, Larry Collis, Sheldon Simon, Hillary Hirsch, Mark Henle, Margie Ghigo, Jim Servis.

JULY 1977. “Under the Yum Yum Tree.” French Quarter Dinner Theatre, Safari Hotel, Scottsdale. Cast: Jim Servis, Jacqueline Gaston, Noel Irick, Bill Estes.

REVIEW by Kyle Lawson, Scottsdale Daily Progress, July 15, 1977. (Note: This is the first review I wrote as a critic of Valley theater.)

Yum Yum 001 Yum Yum 002

APRIL 1977. “Hedda Gabler,” Phoenix Little Theatre. Director: Ruth Willis. Cast: Sonya Missal, Jim Servis, George Soete, Bill Roberts, Faun Tanner, Marlene Saens, Katherine Michaelson.

Phoenix Theatre, 1977 April, Hedda Gabler 001