Rod Kellogg

Where is a photograph when you need it.

Phoenix theater has had its share of sex symbols. In truth, most of them were women. There were some guys. Anyone remember Nick Nolte? Before he became a living mug shot?

The ruggedly handsome Rod Kellogg earned the label. It was in his genes. Or possibly his jeans. Rod had the ladies flocking to Scottsdale’s Stagebrush Theatre to ogle his randy cowboy, Bo, in Scottsdale Community Players’ 1968 Bus Stop.

He earned a nice review from Arizona Republic critic Nancy Bennett: “Rod Kellogg proves to be one of the more appealing leading men around these parts … He’s loud and rowdy and totally charming.”

Trudy Hurley was his director for Bus Stop. She also used him in her musical, The Happiest Millionaire. He wasn’t in jeans. Period trousers, actually.

The women flocked anyway.



1961. The Happiest Millionaire. Phoenix Little Theatre. Director: Trudy Hurley.

1963. Antony and Cleopatra. Phoenix Little Theatre/Arizona Repertory Theatre. Director: Robert Begam.

1968. Bus Stop. Scottsdale Community Players. Director: Trudy Hurley.


Here’s a photograph. It’s not much, but it’s something. Clipping is from the Arizona Republic.

Scottsdale Community Players, Bus Stop b