Chris Hamby

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Photo by Wade Moran.
Photo by Wade Moran.

JUNE 2014 “The Full Monty.”  Playwright: Terrence McNally. Music: David Yazbek. Director: Chris Hamby. Music Director: Debra Jo Davey. Cast: Julian Peña, Michael Leeth, Damon J. Bolling, Barbara Walker McBain, Andrew Lipman, Jonathan Holdsworth, Chad Campbell, Lizz Reeves Fidler, Heather Fallon, Jesse Ochoa, Brenda Jean Foley, Charles Blessing, Rebecca Weinstein, Star Parra, Katey Callie, Barkley Romero, Joe Navan, Peyton Gerry and Aaron Zweiback. Choreographer: Paul Pedersen. Technical Director, Scenic Design, Sound Design: Chris Peterson. Lighting Design: Bret G. Reese. Costume Design: Joe Navan and Pam Pershing. Props Design: Tammy Gilbert. Stage Manager: Paris D. Rhoad.