News from the 1940s

DECEMBER 1940 Phoenix Union High School PTA Play. Clipping from the Dec. 4 edition of The Arizona Republic. Cast: Betty Larraway, Eula Bay, Carol Biggs. Pianist, Tom Silvey.

Phoenix Union High School PTA Show Dec. 4, 1940

JANUARY 1941 Mesa Little Theatre, “Nick of the Woods or Telie the Renegade’s Daughter. ” Director: Toory Lofgreen. Cast: Eugene Gladden, Nona Millett, Bill Doughty, Keith Bird, Ruby Hamilton, John Donaldson, Jim Guthrie, Perle White, Lloyd Ebert, Lola Mae Dixon, Louise Gladden, Jean Francis Clary.

Casting Notice as it appeared in the Arizona Republic on Dec. 14, 1940

Mesa Little Theatre, Dec. 14, 1940, Nick of the Woods, or Telie the Renegade's Daughter 001